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Content help, Ideas & Inspiration

by Sarah Berry August 18, 2016

Content help, Ideas & Inspiration

Typographic word art is a timeless gift idea for everyone and anyone. Using words instead of pictures is a great way of stimulating memories but with slightly more imagination. Personalised Word Art can often trigger moments to reminisce which aren’t always achievable through a single still photograph.

We’re always conscious of making the ordering process on our website as easy as possible but sitting back, we realised thinking of good content for your order can often be the hardest part.

So, we donned our thinking caps and created four lists of content ideas to inspire you. The lists are loosely based on our design categories. Hopefully these four lists will cover all bases.

Personal Favourites

Whether it’s a family member, close friend or colleague, everyone has their unique collection of things, places, activities or tastes which make them who they are. Our Intersection design brings together family and friends, favourite music, sports, restaurants, bars, films, TV shows, holidays and many other things.

Fond Memories

Childhood, school days, teenage years, university, working life, relationships and places are all part of life’s rich pattern which provide us with many fond memories. Designs such as Vintage Parchment, Memory Lane or Bus Blind can include special dates, memorable events, world travels, past addresses, workplaces, vehicles or special speeches, poems and lyrics.

Babies and Children

Your own and other family member’s babies and children can provide a wealth of information for the Special Announcement, Classic Block or Special Delivery word art designs. Details such as name, birth date and time, features, weight and length, family members, favourite toys are among those which could be on an almost endless list.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Your special day or the anniversary for any occasion can be highlighted and remembered in designs such as Star Bright, Love Heart or Vintage Block. Include details such as when you met, first date, engagement and wedding time and place, parents, bridesmaids and best man, the vows exchanged and honeymoon location to create a lasting visual memory.

We want to help you create a unique piece of artwork which suits your world. Whatever the memory, moment or occasion, we’ll work with you to get the best layout, size and colour for your requirements.

If you want to discuss your requirements or even bounce some ideas off us, please get in touch.

We hope this is a helpful starting point for triggering content for your own piece or artwork. For even more ideas visit our inspiration and ideas page.

Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry